Welcome to 2024 and to Building a Lineman 3.0. The past 2 seasons have been about understanding the physiology and anatomy of an Offensive Lineman’s Body to function at capacity as they look to Dominate on the Gridiron. Building a Lineman 3.0 is a progressive Training Program aimed at developing Offensive Linemen functionality.

In February we expand our exercises to the hips. One of Bober Academy’s “3 Building Blocks of Success” is playing in a Football Position. A Football Position is achieved by playing with your feet on the ground, a wide stance for balance & stability, and playing with low hips and knee bend to strike with a rising blow. The adequately generate power an Offensive Lineman must be able to keep their hips low and be able to function through a wide range of motion with low hips.

In this video Dr. Nolan Clausen, movement specialist at @midwestmovementelkhorn6731 teaches a few functional exercises to increase strength and mobility in our hips. With Coach Bober demonstrating, he takes us through a quick workout to lay the foundation for Offensive Lineman to maximize their ability to generate power and play with lower hips as they execute their blocks.

Functional exercises include:

  • Windshield Wipers – Sitting and moving knees back and forth to stretch the hip muscles and increase blood flow
  • Sidelying Hip CARs – moving leg in a circular motion to increase range of motion
  • 90/90 Hip Lifts and presses – Lying with knees at 90º and alternating between pressing into the ground and raising a leg to strengthen auxiliary hip muscles through an extended range of motion 
  • Oblique Hip Lifts – Lying on your side and lifting your body using hip muscles 
  • Hip Flow – Starting at 90/90 and moving through a complete range of motion and ending up on your other side at a 90/90 position

Dr. Nolan recommended this routine at lease 3 times per week and daily if possible. Add more time, weight, or range of motion as you become better at these exercises. Pretty soon, you will notice greater range of motion in your hips and allow you to play more effectively. This should lead to more explosive movement and access to power as you play Offensive Line. This simple routine will prepare Offensive Linemen to Dominate on the Gridiron this Fall. As we progress with developing Offensive Linemen’s functionality, we add more exercises that are vital to their blocking success.

Be sure to check out Dr Nolan Clausen at Midwest Movement by going to https://www.midwestmovementelkhorn.com/

Reach out to Nolan is you need help getting back on the field!

The Bober Academy was founded in 2019 by 8 year NFL Veteran Chris Bober with the Mission to train and develop athletes to maximize their potential and succeed on the gridiron by coaching the fundamentals of offensive line technique. The Bober Academy believes in laying the the building blocks of O-Line Success first then repeating over and over until mastered. The Bober Academy offers O-Line instruction for all ages and skill levels through camps, clinics, & one to one learning. Chris Bober went from a walk-on at Division II UNO to NFL starter by hard work, determination, & becoming a master of Offensive Line technique. After graduating from Omaha South High School Chris redshirted then became a 4 year starter helping his team win NCC Conference Champions in 1996 & 1998. He was a team captain and named to All America Team after his Junior & Senior seasons. Chris went undrafted in the 2000 NFL Draft & signed with the NY Giants. He was cut after his rookie training camp, signed to the Practice Squad & finally to the active roster for the 2000 NFC Champion Giants. Chris stayed with Giants 4 seasons becoming the starting Center in 2002-2003. In 2004 Chris signed a free agent contract with the Kansas City Chiefs where he played 4 seasons starting games at Guard & Tackle. Chris retired in 2008 after multiple hip surgeries.

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